US-Kazakhstan: Travel Days, 28-29 April 2018

  • Left DC at 3pm for Frankfurt. I slept most of the flight
  • Landed FRA 5:30 local and wait in airport until 1 pm. Tried to catch a Mr Mime to no effect.
  • Arrived Almaty KZ at 12 pm local time, get to hotel at 1am. (3:30 pm ET, 24 hours after boarding plane and 30 hours since waking on the 29th)

On arrival in Kazakhstan we must all fill out a slip of paper, on which there are placed TWO STAMPS. Check carefully: THE NUMBER OF THE STAMPS SHALL BE TWO. If one does not have the slip of paper with TWO STAMPS, dire complications ensue. The scrap of paper with TWO STAMPS must be kept with you at all times.

Stayed at Hotel Renion Park downtown Almaty. Modern, large rooms with fancy shower and huge breakfast buffet