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  This is a list of links to vendors of laboratory equipment that we have found useful in our lab.

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Lab equipment for educational science labs
Test and Measurement vendors
Optics vendors
Electronics suppliers
Electronics manufacturers
Nuclear instrumentation vendors
Industrial equipment
Other generally useful vendors

The recommendations here are those of Philip Kromer and are based on his personal experience. They are not the opinions of UT-Austin or anyone else.  Your mileage may vary. Tax and Tags extra. Batteries not included.

Educational Science Equipment Vendors

   Daedalon Corporation Excellent products and prices; also carries full line of PHYWE products.
CENCO Home Page Good products, good prices
Leybold Didactic Well made but extremely expensive.
   Klinger Educational Products Resells Leybold in the U.S.
   Tel-Atomic Educational science equipment.
We use their excellent electron- diffraction experiment and their X-ray diffractometer.
   PASCO scientific Educational science equipment
   Sargent-Welch Educational science equipment
   VWR Scientific Products Chemistry equipment
   Edmund Scientific's Scientifics Educational science equipment

Test and Measurement

   National Instruments Data acquisiton and computer-based instruments
Omega Engineering, Inc. Every transducer you could ever want
Tektronix Oscilliscopes and meters
HP Test & Measurement Oscilliscopes and meters
LeCroy Analog and digital scopes
Keithley Instruments Excellent low-level and precision meters
EGG Signal Recovery Low level or high noise signal detection
B&K Test Equipment Low-cost scopes and meters
KENWOOD TMI Home Oscilliscopes
Test Equity New and used test equipment
Capovani Brothers Inc. Used scientific equipment
A-COMM Test Eqpt. Used test equipment
   Simpson Meters
   Fluke Digital multimeters and more


   Photonics Buyers' Guide A list of the major optics equipment manufacturers and vendors
   Edmund Scientific Best source for reasonably priced optics
Melles Griot Research grade optics equipment
Newport Corp Research grade optics equipment
Thorlabs Research grade optics equipment
Rolyn Optics Company Research grade optics equipment
Hamamatsu USA Photodectors of all kinds
Burle Photomultipliers
Vishay-Telefunken Optoelectronics
Semicoa High-speed photodiodes
Oriel Instruments Research grade optical instruments
Thermo-Vison Corp Optics equipment
Thermo-Vision Colorado Spectrometers (formerly Jarrel-Ash)
Thermo-Optek Corp More spectrometers?
Uniphase Lasers; Made our laser (it works OK)
Coherent Lasers
Spectra Physics Lasers Lasers
OptoPower Diode lasers
Polaroid Diode Lasers Diode laser control electronics

Electronics Suppliers

   Digi-Key Large selection; good prices
Newark Huge selection; slightly higher prices
Marlin P. Jones and Associates Surplus electronics suppliers.  They rule.
Future Active Catalog
Howard W. Sams & Co. Electronics books
Jameco Small selection, low prices
Pasternack Enterprises BNC, MHV, SHV, etc. cables

Electronics Manufacturers

   Gray's Semiconductor Manuf'rs Directory of Electronics Manufacturers
Dir. of Electronics Suppliers Directory of Electronics Manufacturers
Electronics Manufacturer Links Directory of Electronics Manufacturers
National Semiconductor
Harris Semiconductor
Burr-Brown Semiconductors
Analog Devices
Motorola Semiconductor
TI Semiconductors Home Page
HP Electronic Components
Fairchild Semiconductor
Panasonic IC

Nuclear Physics

   EG&G ORTEC Nuclear instrumentation devices
Canberra Nuclear instrumentation devices
Tennellec (formerly Oxford) ... has merged with Canberra.
Ludlum Measurements Commercial nuclear instrumentation, based in Texas
Princeton Gamma-Tech Commercial nuclear instrumentation

Industrial Equipment

   MSC Huge selection of machining and other industrial supply products
Grainger Industrial supply
Alfa Aesar Research Chemicals Research metals and chemicals.


 Many of these links are from Windell, a former TA for the course.
 American Science & Surplus All sorts of nifty things, from surplus military capacitors to rubber snakes
 All sorts of nifty things, from rubber snakes to propeller beanies.
 Information Unlimited "Some of the items we carry are 'DANGEROUS' and may be 'ILLEGAL' in your state or country. Please be sure to check local laws 'BEFORE' ordering."
 Y2K Survival Consultants Hyperdimensional Resonator, among other things.
 Slide Rule Trading Post Ditch that HP48g; go analog.
 Purely Akademic Geek T-Shirts (Maxwell Eqns, etc.


   Thomas Register Search for any kind of business (free).
Reiter's Scientific Bookstore Scientific books New books
Powell's Books New and used books Used books
Advanced Book Exchange Used Books


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